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Healthy Swap - Replacing Pasta with Healthier Options

We’ve been making small changes every week here in the FRESH Start Community in our #52weeksofhealthyhabits Experience and this week, our step was to Swap Out - buy and cook a veggie, quinoa or whole grain pasta for the ole plain-white version. You can join us in this FRESH, fun experience (free!) by clicking on the pic!

So what’s wrong with the white pasta we’ve eaten for years, anyway?

Well, it turns out, plenty.

In a nutshell, it’s nutritionally empty, turns into sugar once inside your system, and can actually be inflammatory to many who struggle with autoimmune, chronic illness, gut issues and food sensitivities. And with the vast variety of options now available, you are sure to find a better option for your family to continue to enjoy pasta!

Maybe you can relate…

“I have picky eaters in my house, I’m afraid they won’t like the healthier options.”

I can certainly relate! There are a couple texture-sensitive eaters in my family as well - but we’ve found that if we keep trying different versions, prepared in different ways, we can move past the distaste and find options that can be a regular go-to in our family meals!

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One tip for picky eaters…

is to try different shaped pasta (for instance, in my family, they prefer skinny noodles, like thin spaghetti) AND to cook it al dente (cook until JUST done, prevents mushy texture.)


More Veggies From Pasta?

That’s right! You can add healthy fiber through vegetables into your next pasta dish with this light option - Veggie Pasta. There are many shapes available to cook with! My family didn’t even realize they were eating veggies the last couple of times I served this pasta in a FRESH side dish!


Eating Gluten-Free?

For a light, delicious gluten-free option (that doesn’t get gooey when cooked al dente) - this particular pasta is made from Quinoa, Brown and White Rice and Corn Flour. This brand makes a variety of pastas, including Penne, Macaroni Elbows, Thin Spaghetti and more.


Whole Grain is Still Great

Unless you need to be eating gluten-free for specific health issues, you can still gain a nutritional benefit from whole wheat pasta. Tip: make sure the brand you buy has this Whole Grain “stamp” on the packaging.

Bean threads are a fresh n’ fun option

Affordable, too!

Bean threads, made from mug bean starch, are an easy, healthy way to enjoy a lettuce wrap, or Asian-flavored dish. I serve these well-marinated in teriyaki or low-sodium soy sauce, as they are quite bland in flavor and need a flavor boost.


Rice noodles - light and fresh!

Another light option is rice noodles - these are literally made from two ingredients: rice and water. I use these healthy pasta-replacements in this spicy, delicious recipe.


What do you think of these suggestions?

Have you tried any of these alternatives yet?

Joy in us in the (free and fabulous) FRESH Start Club and tell us what’s your favorite swap out for plain white pasta.