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Here at FRESH Start, we believe in empowering you to find what works for you in creating your best plan for this lifestyle of wholeness! Here, you can find your coach with FRESH Start, your partner in your lifestyle change.

Meet our Certified FRESH Start Coaches: these beautiful servant-hearted leaders are ready to partner with you in your journey of healthy living!

Feel free to contact them by filling out this easy form and you will be contacted within (3) business days to schedule your free, 30-minute no-obligation coaching consult at your convenience.




Zakiya Kyles, Louisiana

Specializes in fighting obesity and disease through lifestyle change and self-esteem & spiritual growth.

Sue Glashower, Michigan

Specializes in helping other busy moms create their plan and then take steps toward a healthier lifestyle – in their eating, exercising and Spiritual health.


Jo Cornelison,

Her message is simple: it is never too late to get your FRESH Start through simple & actionable steps that lead to better health for spirit, soul, & body!

Joyce Harrell,
North Carolina

Specializes in stress-management and using natural solutions to experience well-being for the whole woman!


Julie Swearingen, Idaho

Specializing in herbal remedies and healthy cooking, Julie shares her passion to help others lead a healthy lifestyle, so they can feel energetic and balanced.

Brenda Kelley,

She helps women to focus on taking care of & loving themselves which allows them to then focus on making lifestyle changes that revolutionize their life.


Jana Backofen,

Ministers the life-giving FRESH Start principles and encouragement to others through speaking and coaching.

Maija Pyle,

Specializes in sharing lifestyle-change strategies and inspiration for those who are ready to live their healthiest lives!


Laura Vann,

Specializing in serving busy people in creating a vibrant lifestyle that supports a focused mind, healthy body and soaring spirit.

Trisch Richardson,

Master T-Tapp Trainer who has a goal to assist her clients and those she serves to reach their goals to wholeness – in body, soul and spirit!


Casey Sollock,

Specializes in green smoothies, essential oils, lifestyle-change strategies and mind-renewal principles. Her passion is to help you SHINE!

Grace Swartz,
North Carolina

Specializing in fitness, with a twist of spiritual growth principles to help people renew their minds!


Wendy Williams, Massachusetts

As a Healthy Relationship & Marriage Coach, Wendy believes your heart and soul need love and companionship as much as food to thrive! Happier is way possible in your marriage with a FRESH Start!


Jannette Gorman, Massachusetts

Jannette serves those who desire to battle illness & make healthy lifestyle changes that last - bringing her positive energy and immense knowledge to all she touches!


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