“I used to only eat twice a day and so my metabolism was really messed up. I’m on a good track now and teaching myself to plan ahead. If I’m not taking care of one of my clients I am taking care of me and enjoying the reward of doing so.”

Christina B., Arizona

“The program is great, and anyone, really, can get a lot out of this. It has helped me to shop healthier and eat healthier but mainly to make the right choices like how to have my pantry stocked. Great skills were given to us overall.”

Stephanie C., Georgia


"Participating in Fresh Start has been a life saver for me. It’s easy to follow and to make adjustments for this to be a healthy lifestyle for life. The Christian encouragement we are given and also get to give, makes changing our habits so much easier. There is always someone to give you a hand back up if we temporarily fall down. I feel sooo much better when following this program. And I know I’m taking better care of the one-of-a-kind body God entrusted me with.”

Diane H., South Carolina

"Inspiration, motivation, education, & love of spirit, mind, body & soul is what I receive from my amazing sisters here at FRESH Start!!! They provide all the tools I need for a successful healthy & fit life & although I tend to fail myself they NEVER give up on me & God continues to put them in front of me with an ultimate higher purpose!!”

Shannon W., Tennessee

“A few years ago I read – and saved – a magazine article detailing how no weight loss program will work until you know you are worth the effort and go into it for the right reasons. I ‘knew’ this, but not until Fresh Start for Health came along did I ‘get’ it. The missing link was the support of not only my friend, Coach Bess, but of a loving community to hold me up with God’s Word; Scripture-based food and health guidelines. It all fits now and I’m so very thankful and excited about continuing the successful journey to wellness in all areas of a blessings-filled-life.”

Suzie R., Arizona

“I love having Bess Blanco’s Fresh Start for Health resources in one handy book. It rests in my cook book holder on the kitchen countertop as a reminder to make healthy choices and a quick encouragement when I need a “pep talk” in my healthy journey.”

Linda Safford, Florida


"Thankful for the constant encouragement and guidance here in this group. Drum roll please...I'm down 2.5 pounds for the week! AND my pain is GREATLY reduced as well. Thanks so much for ALL the support everyone!”

Elise A., Arizona

“Participating in the FRESH Start program has been very easy and extremely tasty. I’ve tried many meal plans in the past but this was the first that my family was willing to participate in with me because the dishes and ingredients are not foreign. The best part of FRESH Start is the staff and connecting with the on-line community. Everyone is encouraging and prayerful; it’s definitely one big family.”

Rachel M., Florida