Is Fresh start only about a Diet Plan?

Absolutely not! FRESH Start is a lifestyle-change guide for ALL areas of our life/health - NOT limited to a diet plan! Created with YOUR whole life in mind, it's about making small changes for better health in your EATING, MOVING & THINKING!

Can I be following a Vegetarian, Vegan or Paleo diet and still benefit from FRESH Start?

Yes, of course! Since our goal is to encourage and equip folks to EAT, MOVE & THINK FRESH for lasting health...many other eating plans fit well into our approach. We support and individualize your personal experience on your road to your BEST HEALTH!

What if I can’t stick with it?

There is no such thing here. The foundation of our entire mission is GRACE. From us to YOU and for you to give YOURSELF in your journey from here to your best health! We don't want to be just another set of rules you are trying to follow in the crazy twists and turns of life.  FRESH Start is a safe place to travel your healthy-living journey in!

Is this a lifestyle plan for My family as well as me?

You bet! It was created with the entire family in mind. Especially busy families who need easy, simple, delicious ways to stay on track with FRESH eating, FUN-ctional fitness, and positive mindset. Bring the whole family along for this rewarding experience!


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