Ready to create and stick with powerful new lifestyle habits for better energy and health?

Tired of the ups and downs of dieting or fads and you are ready for a lasting lifestyle of feeling great?

You’re in the right place!

Join the FRESH Start Community in our new {free} experience:

52 Weeks of healthy habits!

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Here’s how the experience will work…

Every week on Sunday, we’ll post a Weekly Prompt for (1) simple healthy habit change on our FRESH Start for Health Facebook page. Then, join us in the LIVE discussion happening around the changes we’re making in the FRESH Start Club private Facebook group (which you’ll be exclusively invited to when you drop your email below!)

We’ll also be sharing EXTRAS just about every week in the group - recipes, meal plans, ideas, links to how-to’s, videos and LIVE demos, tracking sheets and more!

Just Drop your email below to get in on all the good stuff coming!


Here’s what some of the weekly prompts will be…

52 weeks drink more water WEEK 1.png
52 weeks week 5 drink daily smoothie.png
52 weeks week 6 cut dinner portions.png

And here’s what some of the EXTRAS will be once you are IN THE GROUP…

Screenshot FRESH start Pick 5.png
resources club 3.png