If you're making healthy changes in your life and you think it's more fun to do with friends, then join us!

Gracious support, NO "diet talk" or strict fundamentals - just loving support & helpful tips, guides and recipes as we each find our way of making the choices that help us feel our BEST!

You're NOT alone in this healthy-living journey!

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FRESH Start Club

What is the FRESH Start Club?

  • An amazing group of people in an online Faith-Based Community who are making small changes in their lifestyle, day by day!

  • A safe place to share your journey to your BEST life - and learn FRESH recipes, meal-planning ideas and healthy-habit building strategies from gracious Health Coaches and the FRESH Start Program!

  • Your favorite new "place" on the web for setting and meeting your healthy-living, happy-relationship and weight-loss goals!

  • It's friendly accountability, gracious support and expert advice for ALL areas of your life - from a Biblical perspective!


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  • Get-Started Digital RESOURCES like Nutritional Help, Fitness Guidance, Meal Planning Assistance and more! Includes all you need to get started or GROW from where you are in how you EAT, MOVE & THINK FRESH in your lifestyle!

  • Simple challenges on occasion to prompt you in creating healthy changes - easy to do and make lasting changes to your lifestyle with the fun of group accountability/encouragement!
    (example: drink 2 more glasses of water per day this week, OR find one new way to include 15 minutes of intentional movement into your normal daily routine, OR make and enjoy a Berry Nutty Smoothie 3x this week as a meal replacement - see, they are SIMPLE changes, but they'll make a BIG difference in how good you feel!)

  • Check-in threads posted in the PRIVATE Facebook group for accountability - posted weekly for your accountability and to celebrate NON-SCALE victories and accomplishments!

  • LIVE Webinars or Facebook Chats - for LIVE Q&A's, cooking demos from our kitchens, encouragement talks, healthy living how-to's PLUS fitness tips from our own T-Tapp Master Trainer Trisch, healthy relationship help from our Happy Marriage Coach Wendy and MORE!

  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists (Clean-eating focused, yet EASILY adaptable for YOUR special diet plans!)

  • Occasional Guest experts, freebies, e-books, handouts and other fun stuff to help you keep this lifestyle realistic, FRESH and fun!

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Once you've registered, you should INSTANTLY receive access through email to your Get-Started Welcome Kit full of FRESH digital resources and your group invite!


Who is this club for?

  • Busy families who are looking for a realistic way to enjoy FRESH foods & afford them

  • Those who struggle to fit healthy habits and choices regularly into their already-too-busy lifestyle

  • People who are dealing with illness, chronic pain or obesity and you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

  • Families and peeps who are looking to actively improve their "relationship health" and get HAPPIER in them!

  • Precious individuals & families who KNOW that our spiritual health is as vital as our physical health and want to create healthy habits for that part of yourselves as well!


 How is FRESH Start different from the rest?

Rachel Maldonado.jpg
“Participating in the Fresh Start program has been easy and extremely tasty. I’ve tried many meal plans in the past but this was the first that my family was willing to participate in with me because the dishes and ingredients are not foreign. The best part of Fresh Start is connecting with the online community. Everyone is encouraging and prayerful; it’s one big family.”
— Rachel Maldonado, Florida
testimonial Bess Coaching Shannon 6 weeks progress EDITED.png
“I live in chronic pain and I have diabetes. I have never been good at taking care of myself. Through Bess’ kind and loving encouragement, I was able to start making real progress in my energy levels and my desires to change. I was able to turn lifestyle changes into habits. I truly believe that Bess’ Fresh Start program is a gift from our Great Physician.”
— Teresa Kuhl, Minnesota


Bess profile pic1 smaller.jpg

Bess Blanco

Bess Blanco resides in sunny southern Arizona and is the Founder of FRESH Start for Health. All over the country, families are changing their lifestyles and finding hope, freedom, and healing using the grace-based, practical approach Bess teaches through FRESH Start!

She is happily married to Juan and they parent their four kiddos together, currently homeschooling their three daughters.

Sue Glashower.jpg

Sue Glashower

Sue lives in Michigan and loves to help other busy moms create their plan and then take steps toward a healthier lifestyle – in their eating, exercising and Spiritual health. She walks the talk and serves from a humble heart!

Mom of six, wife to Jeff and a busy working mama…Sue gets it and shares her ideas, how-to’s and strength from her own real life journey!

Trisch Richardson.jpg

Trisch Richardson

Trisch is a busy mom of 9 living in Northern Indiana along with her beloved husband Dallas, some goats and even a Llama!

Along with being a homeschooling mom, using “life” as the curriculum, she spends her time working as a Master T-Tapp Trainer & FRESH Start Coach, encouraging women on their journey to fitness and wholeness.

wendy williams

Wendy L. Williams, BSN, M.Ed. & FRESH Start Certified Coach, is on a mission to encourage married men & women who want to experience more joy and fulfillment in their marriage relationship.

Wendy is a nurse-turned-Marriage-Life-Coach, bringing her warm and practical ways into her coaching ministry. She is married to her best friend, Jeff and resides in Massachusetts.

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What is our "Approach?" 

Here at FRESH Start for Health, our approach is based on simple, practical habit-change principles that you can apply to create your lasting healthy lifestyle.

We partner with you by holding a grace-driven view of taking small healthy steps to build lasting lifestyles for wholeness. Believing in and teaching whole-health habits, using the most natural means possible.

Everything we do is to empower you to meet the needs of your body, mind and spirit for total health and wellness through FRESH foods, mindset and daily habits. Realizing and respecting that each person’s unique situation affects their individual eating plan and needs, we tailor our coaching, materials and classes to meet those needs.