salmon recipe

One-Pot Summer Salmon DinneR

Here is a simple one-pot summer salmon dinner, and it takes no time to prepare - 20 minutes start to finish! 

It is a well-rounded dish, with whole-grain pasta, gently sauteed summer veggies, and steamed (you could also grill it) salmon - all in one pot!  It is a beautiful and tasty dish, filling for every member of the family.  Even the busiest mom has time to make this one! 

Here's how to make the One-pot summer salmon dinner:

Step #1 - Put a medium pot with 3 quarts water on to boil for the pasta.  When the water is boiling, add pasta, cook it for 7-8 minutes (for al dente pasta).  Meanwhile, chop and saute fresh summer veggies like broccoli, yellow squash, red onion, and garlic in a tablespoon of olive oil.  (I like to use my wok!)

Step #2 - Cook the salmon, either in a pan (with a lid) or on the grill.  (Either way, it only takes about 7-10 minutes.)  I flavor the salmon with garlic, olive oil, fresh cracked pepper, and sea salt.  Once it is fully cooked (It will flake easily with a fork), then cut into pieces.

Step #3 - Drain the al dente pasta, and add it to the gently sauteed veggies in the wok.  Toss in the salmon pieces, add a tablespoon olive oil, some cracked pepper, sea salt, and stir together.  Dress the dish with a small amount of grated Parmesan, and serve!  That was easy as 1-2-3!