Which Diet is Best? (Or How to Eat for Your Health!)

As a longtime health coach, I get asked a lot…

Is veganism or vegetarianism the BEST way to eat for good health? 

Is Paleo or Keto better? 

Is intermittent fasting the way to go? 

Would you suggest following the Whole 30?

What about Weight Watchers or South Beach or Nutrisystem or AIP or DASH?

(I know, there's a LOT of 'em...and I only JUST started naming diets from the looonnnggg list available!)

Here’s what we DO know about this…

… from years of research - both reading, studying and working with hundreds of people as a health coach! AND from our own tested and real-live experience...

The BEST way of eating FOR YOU is a way that is:


Meaning you can realistically continue to eat that way through all of life's crazy up's and down's! Following this one idea eliminates most strict diets that effectively "ban" one or more entire food groups (ie veganism or Keto)

...sustainable usually = well-balanced



…meaning eat the way that FEELS GOOD to your body and brain (ie you have increasingly more energy, lifted brain fog and your intuition agrees with it) 

One way to gauge this is to do an "elimination plan" for a few days...first, remove ANY commonly offensive foods like sugar, caffeine, meat, dairy, gluten etc... then, journal your body's reactions when you reintroduce each food group (be sure to re-intro one food at a time) 


…no matter which specific plan you choose to follow (or even if you are just following your own wisdom and intuition, which is often a powerful plan!) Please choose FRESH FOODS first! 


So even if you're cutting back on meat or even going towards a plant based diet, make sure to choose fresh foods.

If you are working to cut processed carbohydrates and even some of your grains out, make sure that the rest of your choices are as fresh and whole as possible. 

There's an interesting common denominator that I have found about these diet plans in my latest research for the new book I'm writing for you guys....and it's that although the diets are NOT found to be sustainable for a huge majority of participants, the CENTRAL ELEMENT that IS working within all these diets, is that people are more intentionally choosing fresh and whole foods, improving their health in the long run.

Interesting, right?!

Eating FRESH matters! And it's sustainable and balanced and easily customizable to your own intuitive wisdom and personal lifestyle needs!

Talk to me more about this either here in comments or in our warm, supportive community FRESH Start Club (there’s no cost to belong to the Club and we’d love to have you!)

For a quick-glance at an eating plan that is sustainable, personal and balanced for life - grab your copy of the FRESH Start Can-Eat List here or click on pic below!