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5 Simple Ways to Cut Sugar Out of Your Family's Diet

Here are 5 easy ways to cut sugar immediately from your family's diet.

The positive effects of trying these ideas will be felt immediately, and the long-term payoff will be worth it!


1.  Reduce or replace sodas, alcohol, commercial coffees, and other sugar-rich drinks in your choices. As obvious a solution that this one can be, it can often be painful to hear.  

If you have been indulging in to many of these addictive drinks over a long period of time, the thought of discontinuing them is discouraging.  

I promise you though, you will feel the benefit of helping your body get rid of the up-and-down mood and energy swings that these sugary drinks cause. 

Your energy level will increase with just this one change in your diet!

Exciting, right?

Beware of the initial slump if you've been enjoying too much of these drinks lately - you may want to set up some "guard rails" to help you get through the detoxing time. For instance, gather ingredients and recipes for some quick, energy-giving smoothies you can make in place of them.  {One you could try is our Berry Nutty Smoothie recipe!}

This will both give you a tasty alternative AND help your body re-learn how to make energy from what you give it! 

2.  Cut back on sweets, breads, and processed foods.  This one can be just as hard, but the payoff is instant.  Once the processed flours and sugars are diminished, the body can begin to digest properly, which allows for regeneration. 

Energy returns, mood elevates, and fat begins to burn away. 

How much you cut back on should be directly related to how quickly you want to feel better! More processed foods eliminated = more health, more weight loss.  

3.  Start adding healthy options immediately. It is important to begin adding in to your diet healthy, robust foods as soon as you start cutting anything out. (or even, before you start cutting anything out!)  If not, the body enters starvation mode and panics, holding onto fat deposits for this emergency.  For example, if you previously ate pastries, sweetened cereal, or other sugary breakfasts, replace them immediately with steel cut oats with nuts or seeds, whole grain toast with nut butter, or eggs.  The body will adjust easier, and you will be less likely to crash and burn from hunger or that familiar "deprived feeling!"

4. Start reading nutrition labels thoroughly. Begin a new education for yourself and your family.  Start reading labels, articles, and books on sugar and ways to cut it out.  Look for new recipe ideas that are low in processed carbohydrates and sugar.  Discover new ways to add in more fiber, which enhances digestion and breaks down sugar easier.  Just by absorbing the concept that sugar is harmful, and looking for little ways to edge it out of your family’s consumption, you will make tremendous progress in improving your family’s health.

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5.  Drink more water.  I know, I know, you’ve heard this one before!  Drinking 8 servings of 8 ounces minimum per day reduces waste deposits in the body, keeps your stomach feeling full, and helps with healthy digestion. 

How does this help eliminate sugar? 

By paving the way for a cleaner system and easing the constant “crave” you may feel for a while after cutting the bad stuff.  Eight ounces is only one measuring cup of water – simple to “eyeball” and drink!

Of these 5 ways to cut sugar out of your family's diet, which one(s) do you already do? How has it helped you and your loved ones feel?

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