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Get Through the Holidays Without Getting Sick

We’ve been talking about keeping ourselves on track with our health this season, and doing it without obsessing or worrying about what we’re doing to our bodies this time of year.

How many of you would LOVE to start the New Year without the extra 4-6 pounds that often “creep up” on our bodies?

You’re not alone!

Added to that, staying well through the holidays increases our enjoyment of family, friends and seasonal celebrations, doesn’t it?

Today I’m focusing on how to stay well and how to not get sick through this season. If we’re strategic and specific in our choices there’s no reason to fall into the usual colds and flus. And if we have taken care of our health well, when we do catch a bug we’ll be blasting through it quickly too! These tips apply for ANY time we’re building or boosting our bodies ‘stay well’ defenses too…not just during the holidays. Watch this quick 3-minute video for one of my top FRESH holiday tips for having more FUN this time of year WITHOUT GETTING SICK!

FRESH living during the holidays often means NOT getting sick!

Here’s a brief recap from the video:

Between parties and get-togethers, strategically boost your immune system! Do this by…

  1. Reserving treats for the parties & family get-togethers - Don’t keep a stash on the counter or extra less-than-healthy snacks around your own home. Keep those special indulgences for the special events! That way you can have the FULL experience at your weekend party or family meal without dragging your body down in the intervening days between each event.
  2. Prepare and drink the Berry Nutty Smoothie throughout the week as a super-nutritious detoxing drink daily!
  3. Add lemon (fresh-squeezed is best!) at least once to your daily water intake. Lemon is SO GREAT for cleansing your digestion and liver. It also adds a great zing to your water as you’re chugging down your daily quota!
  4. Make a veggie broth and drink in place of coffee or tea to infuse yourself with all the micronutrients and fresh-food goodness your body craves between the richer foods you eat at events or special occasions.
  5. Eat SUPER clean foods – quinoa, barley, brown rice, lots of fresh-as-possible veggies and fruits — these provide the nutrition our bodies need to build up our immune system, countering the extra sugar or richer foods we might have eaten over the holidays.

The reasons people typically get sick more often this time of year isn’t necessarily that there are more germs.

Rather, by indulging in sweets more often than usual, added to the stress of extra to-dos and loss of sleep we’ve allowed, our bodies to wear down. In many ways we’ve pushed ourselves past the limit of what our bodies need. It is vital to rebuild our body’s natural defense system with good clean foods and nourishing fluids.

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