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Best Green Cleaner Ever!

How would you like to know the secret to sparkling countertops, glass, and other surfaces in your home? 

best green cleaner

I am gonna give it to you – and it costs less than .25 cents a spray bottle!  Vinegar and water, folks – there you have it.  I know, no duh, right?  I realize that I am the slow one here – family and friends have given me that tip for years, and I just have never intentionally changed over my large variety of expensive, harmful cleaners out for this simple cleaner.

However, when I picked up the bottle of the new formula of Windex at the store last week, and it was simply labeled “vinegar,” I realized that all these years, I have been duped.  I was about to pay over $3 for a small spray bottle of chemically-enhanced vinegar and water! 

I promptly determined to go home and make my own green cleaners.  So after some quick research online, I began using my trusty vinegar cleaner on everything, my glass tabletop, doors and windows, mirrors, kitchen counter tops, stove top, and more!  You would not believe my sparklin’ house, ya’ll!  Even hubby Juan has been pleasantly surprised! It does not smudge, smear, or streak!

Here are a couple of quick tips for any first-timers out there wondering how to get started on making your own green cleaners.  (I know I can't be the only one still buying those harsh chemical cleaners, because the products are still on the store shelves!)

best green cleaner

how to make it:

1.  To make the vinegar and water cleaner, simply put half water, half vinegar into a spray bottle – Voila!  No really, it’s that easy. ;)  {Some people prefer different ratios of water to vinegar - so just play with the amounts until you get the strength YOU prefer!}

2. When I first start wiping the vinegar with newspaper, paper towel, rag (totally your choice here!) it looks as if it is going to smear – keep wiping, and then you will see the shine!

BONUS GREEN CLEANER TIP: There is a great homemade "green" bathroom cleaner you can use – hydrogen peroxide and water – see for valuable information on this non-toxic cleaner, as well.

So there you have it – it’s not rocket science! It’s more of getting back to the basics our Mamas taught us!  Enjoy this quick green cleaning tip, and contact me with your ideas – what simple solutions have you come up with to green-ify your house and save money?