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Fast & Fresh Ways to Cook Healthy for Your Family

These are fast, fresh ways to make life a little easier for you as you prepare healthy family meals – and still stay on the right track with clean eating!

  1. Bake-fry your chicken or fish for an old-time favorite without all the added fat!  Use panko for crunchy, evenly baked crispness!  Dip chicken breast or fish in egg, soy milk, or greek yogurt, then roll in the crumbs to evenly coat.  Bake anywhere from 20-30 minutes (depending on thickness of filet) on a lightly sprayed pan in a 375 degree oven.
  2. Salsas make a great addition whether during cooking, or afterwards as a dip or garnish.  Heat it up with salsa verde, picante, freshly made pico, or fun fruity salsas!  (See our Healthy Recipes for fun salsa ideas!)
  3. Turn that salad into a filling dinner by loading it up with boiled eggs, avocado, quinoa. Try adding in a high-fiber food like beans or legumes, and high-protein choice, like grilled chicken or salmon! You can also "beef it up" by placing the salad into a wrap made with whole grain tortilla or into a whole grain pita!  
  4. Canned beans are just about as healthy as fresh-cooked, as long as they are rinsed thoroughly!  For a delicious quick treat, open a can of cannellini beans and add it to ½ cup chopped onions sautéed in 1-2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary.  Season with a pinch of sea salt…all ingredients are wholesome, and this dish is easy and filling!
  5. Love chips and dip?  Try hummus and toasted pita or seed crackers, whole wheat crackers and salmon/whipped cream cheese spread, guacamole and whole wheat corn chips, or vegetable chips with Tzatziki sauce (made from Greek Yogurt) instead of chips.   You and your family can still get your crunch on, but be putting whole ingredients into your body! If you just can't get away from the chips, try to stay with whole grain versions, ones that are made with few ingredients (our family fave is On The Border Tortilla chips with my homemade pico salsa)
fast fresh ways to cook healthy family

It is possible to cook quick and fun dishes while keeping your family's diet in balance!  It just takes a little creativity and experimentation.  These tips should help you as you cook your way to better health – with your family!