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Encouragement for ROUGH Days

This post is from my personal archives...I'm sharing it as an encouragement for rough days - for those days when you JUST DO NOT feel good! Here's what I posted...

So many times, when we wake up feeling ugh, it can be a major factor in how our day goes…even though we KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE that the day is fluid and our feelings are fluid and we can SO MANY TIMES change the way we feel. Or just change the way we handle how we feel! We have to find encouragement for those rough days, even when it means encouraging ourselves!

Today was one of those days for me. I woke up in utter and complete full-body pain, and I didn’t want to climb out of bed – this is day 5 in a string of really super-painful days. So I laid there, talking to myself like I so often do {giggle} and I told myself, “Bess – get up, get dressed and get going – but just move a little slower and have patience with yourself. You can do this, girl!”

Then I prayed and asked God to bring relief, to bring healing to my poor little hurtin’ body.

And then I got up.

And I got dressed.

And I’m moving a little slower and *trying* to have patience with myself {and my kiddos!}

Then I realized, ok that wasn’t a bad start, but this day has a looooonnnggg way to go!

I realized that I have to speak positive, life-breathing words to myself all day to get through…
— Coach Bess these are the conversations I will be having and I’m sharing them in case you know exactly what I’m talking about and could use some good comebacks to say to yourself on those days you just don’t feel good…

When you want to say, “I feel like total crap today.” Say instead “Yes, but it is only gonna get better as the day goes on – God says I am healed and whole and I WILL FEEL GREAT TODAY!”

When your mind tells you “I am STILL. SO. DANG. TIRED.” Tell it, “After I have that smoothie and get moving a little, I will wake up more and begin to FEEL REALLY GREAT TODAY!”

On the days you just feel “The pain is out of hand and I just want to cry and give up,” tell your tricky but powerful mind, “Yes, but God gives me supernatural strength JUST FOR DAYS LIKE THIS! And I can, and I will, get through it, thanks to Him and His FRESH dose of can-do! And by the time I am up and around, this will all look a little different and I will begin to FEEL REALLY GREAT TODAY!”

And for those days that are JUST. TOO. MUCH {like my day today!} and you want to believe that you just can’t do it anymore, tell yourself, “I can DO ALL THINGS through Christ Who strengthens me!” and then SHOW YOURSELF that you and God TOGETHER have got what it takes – by getting up, getting dressed and getting moving {even if it IS a little slower than normal!}

These are NOT THE DAYS to overachieve, stretch yourself or run, run, run. These are the days to maybe work a LITTLE, but REST A LOT. These are the days to linger over your coffee or tea and Scriptures that LIFT YOU UP (not the day for 1 Kings or Genesis studies ok?! LOL} and cuddles with your loves. It’s a day to do a little less laundry and a lot more giggling in bed or on the couch. It’s a day to play soft “coffeehouse style” music and watch sappy movies that leave you dreaming.

Our “ugghh” days are a sometimes-normal for many of us, living in these broken bodies that are attached to a healed promise, yet often in a “yet-to-manifest” current reality.
— Coach Bess

BUT that isn’t the end of our story! This isn’t the final chapter!

THIS IS JUST OUR “NOW.” And God’s strength is enough. Even if it doesn’t always “feel” that way! But we’ve got to remind our narrow minds that He is there, His strength is enough, and this is not the end.

I would love to hear your heart, your experience! What have you found helps you get out of bed and turn the day around on your tough days?