What We Believe {The FRESH Start Creed}

We believe in God ~

We believe that with God, nothing is impossible. He is our Commander-in-Chief at FRESH Start for Health.

We believe He made you, knows you, and loves you unconditionally!

We believe in grace – He has given us grace, we are expected to give it to you!

We believe in health ~

We believe that we should all strive to live full, rewarding lives – and to truly do that, we must be healthy!

We believe that a “healthy lifestyle,” although subjective to differences of opinions and methods, is understood here at FRESH Start as “you actively pursuing the healthiest life for you!”

We believe that health and fitness are a life-long journey, not a momentary good intention.

We believe that small steps consistently taken in a healthy direction lead to a lasting lifestyle of healthy habits.

We believe that our priorities in life determine our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and that this can ALWAYS be adjusted.

fresh lifestyle

We believe in family ~

We believe family should be a priority in our lives, an investment that just keeps giving back.

We believe families should gather at mealtimes, enjoying the food and each other.

We believe families deserve to get the help they need to build healthier lifestyle habits, family-wide.


We believe in good, healthy food ~

We believe that whole, fresh foods, eaten as close to their natural state as possible, both satisfy and nourish the appetite.

We believe that food is wonderful, and serves a vital purpose in nourishing us, causing us to grow and thrive.  It is a gift from God to be enjoyed and appreciated!

We believe that food should be appealing, delicious and filling.  Without taking hours and hours to prepare!

dinner prep.jpg

We believe in YOU!

We believe you are beautiful, you are incredible. You are the only one of you, and we are here to serve you as you pursue a healthier lifestyle for your family.