Smash Your Excuses!

Hey y'all! Coach Bess here...earlier today, I shared a powerful preview on FB LIVE in our free online community of what I'll be bringing to our next FRESH Start 14 Day Challenge, called "Smash Your Excuses!" Ooohhhh it's gonna be a good one, y'all! (BTW, we'd love it if you joined us in that group where you can view the LIVEcast recording!)

We're dealing with the mindset stuff in this worries, we'll still be eating FRESH and moving in FRESH ways through the experience, but we're going to zone in on WHAT STOPS US from seeing results and finding LASTING breakthrough in this part of our lives!

You can find out much more about this exciting online experience and even grab YOUR SPOT RIGHT HERE!

Here's some of what I shared earlier...

See the TARGET?

When I was a little girl, my dad taught me to use a bow and arrow - this is one of my fondest memories of my childhood on the farm in the mid-west! I still remember the smell of the sweet hay as he stacked 3 bales on top of each other, then placed a paper target on them for us kids to use for practice. Little did I know that learning to "target-shoot" with a bow and arrow in our farm's gigantic front yard would place powerful lifelong lessons on the inside of me!

And of all the things I learned from that activity with my dad, was his words "Keep your eye on the BULLSEYE!" 

What is your personal BULLSEYE in your healthy-lifestyle journey, my friend?

This is a good a time as any to revisit and renew your "TARGET" in this journey - for some, it's a goal to live free of side-effect causing medications or delivered from an addiction to food or some other substance. Maybe it's a weight loss goal - to look and feel your best! It could be that you are sick and tired of how you FEEL everyday - maybe you struggle with chronic pain, illness or fatigue.

Maybe it's all of the above! Either way, your personal goal to improve your life IS a GOOD TARGET and you are NOT alone in this desire to create change! You're also not alone in the common experience of starting new choices, then stopping. Or even of giving up before you hit the TARGET!


Yes, but HOW?

We've got ya! We're going to cover several winning keys during this Challenge! Ways that you can not only "Watch the BULLSEYE" in your healthy-living journey, but also breaking down the HOW behind this! 

If you are READY to experience BREAKTHROUGH in areas that have stopped your progress in the past around your daily choices for your healthier life...then JOIN US! You'll be so glad you did!

To find out much more about the "Smash Your Excuses" Challenge - visit HERE!