Here at FRESH Start, we eat a SIMPLE, DELICIOUS Diet!

FRESH, whole, unprocessed (or only lightly processed) foods are what’s BEST for our health…so eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins are all the best food choices!

We follow a modified version of the Mediterranean way of eating - Which simply put, is eating lots of natural, whole, colorful foods like fruits and veggies, lean proteins, plant oils, nuts, seeds, and some whole grains - just to name a few basics on this plan! It is a balanced, whole, and healthy way to eat for long-term health. Need proof? Look at the people living in that region…they are still among the healthiest people on our planet!

Above all, we support YOUR innate ability to determine the best eating plan for YOU!

You are the BEST judge of what you should or should not eat, as each person has different needs due to sensitivities, chronic illness, allergies, or other reason. Many people have found our approach to be quite “friendly” to whatever way they currently follow, and are able to glean useful recipes, ideas and methods from FRESH Start even if they are not able to follow the FRESH Start plan “to the tee.”

The food philosophies we live by in our own lives & share with those we serve are:

  • Eat real foods – this means NO processed, fast, junk, and most packaged foods.  We eat WHOLE foods– plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plant oils, nuts, seeds, lean protein, natural flavorings like herbs and seasonings, and other bounties of nature! See the FRESH Start Suggested Diet Plan for an in-depth look at how and what to eat for lasting health!

  • Cook/prepare your meals at home –  as much as possible.  The more you cook and eat in your own kitchen, the more control you maintain over the food choices for your family. We also encourage that “cooking” doesn’t always mean standing over a stove. It can mean using previously prepped foods to arrange a filling salad or wrap or ceviche!

  • Healthy food should be delicious, filling food  – no more endless salads, watery soups, and tasteless “diet” foods! There IS a way to prepare and enjoy tasty, vibrant foods – AND within budget! We’ve got the recipes, tips and classes to help you enjoy food again, all while getting healthier and losing weight!

  • Get educated – learn what is healthy, learn to read nutrition labels, learn to look past marketing in the industry for food and “health” products. We offer many resources and classes to help you get past the deception in the market and learn your foods and ingredients SIMPLY!