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Southwestern Style Lettuce Wraps

Some days just call for a super-quick & easy dinner! This lettuce wrap shows off one of my personal Go-To’s for meal prep ahead of time – grilled chicken! When I meal plan and prep ahead of time, grilled or shredded chicken (either one would work fine for this delish recipe!) is ALWAYS on the must-make list. It is just too easy to throw this delicious Southwest Style Lettuce Wrap dinner together when the time-consuming part (the chicken!) is already made and waiting!

It’s easy to sell picky-eaters on this lettuce wrap entrée idea, too.

I tell mine it is a “healthy taco!” and they just switch out the avocado and onion for shredded cheese and olives, and use regular ranch instead. This is another perfect solution for busy families, another way to NOT cook multiple dinners on the same night for those hard-to-please appetites!


•    Grilled Chicken Breasts, cubed
•    Ruffle leaf lettuce (need several medium to large leaves to act as “wraps” for this salad)
•    ¼ Red Onion, Diced
•    3-4 Mini Sweet Bell Peppers, seeded & diced
•    1 Avocado, sliced
•    Handful Cilantro, chopped

Cilantro & Avocado Ranch Dressing

•    1/2 Cup Ranch
•   1/2 Avocado
•    Handful Cilantro

Blend all ingredients together in blender or food processor until smooth.  Add water 1 Tbsp at a time if consistency is too thick.


1. Lay the lettuce leaves as a “wrap” out on a plate. 
2. Place cubes of chicken along with diced and chopped toppings into lettuce leaf. 
3. Drizzle dressing over the wrap. 
4. Fold sides of leaves together and eat the salad as a “healthy taco.” 

(You can easily customize this dinner, using shredded cheese and regular ranch for your pickier eaters.)

What do you think of this lettuce wrap recipe?

I would love to hear from you in our Facebook Community…is this a recipe you can see remaining on the family’s meal plan? My heart is to bring you the best of the best in easy, quick AND healthy recipes – ones that will be used over and over in your home!