Hi healthy-living friend!

Do you find that you are:

  • Struggling with gut issues like IBS, Celiac, or discomfort every time you eat?

  • Dealing with an autoimmune disease, like fibromyalgia, thyroid disorder, adrenal fatigue or MS?

  • Ready to learn HOW to simply and affordably rid your body, spirit and LIFE of unwanted toxins and KEEP it that way? {But without expensive, fundamental or complicated methods?}

  • Want to learn how to eat for your HEALTHY LIFE without going on a "diet" or spending too much?

  • Ready to reset your priorities and have PEACE again in your lifestyle?

If you can relate to any of the above and want to find healing and reFRESH your spirit…

Then it's time for the:


Whether you have just begun your healthy living journey or you have been making changes for a while,

you will LOVE our 28-Day Detox!

 Because, it’s…

Faith-based, family-friendly, EASY TO FOLLOW, and designed to fully detox your mind, body & spirit!

Join Us…Your life (and health) will never be the same!

The experience kicks off on MONday, January 14th!

What you'll experience:

  • Eat DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS foods that will FULLY detox your body! Easy to prepare (many of them are NO-Cook) and affordable for the whole family to participate if you’d like.

  • Learn to meal plan to continue the FRESH eating lifestyle well beyond the detox experience!

  • NO deprivation or starvation - eat regularly, eat FRESH, vibrant foods, eat well - and eat ‘til you’re satisfied.

  • Spiritual detox will include private journaling, growth and healthy group discussions (this is a Biblically-based group - non-denominational in our approach, all faiths are welcome here!)

  • Gentle, daily "moving" plan for a well-rounded exercise experience.

  • LIVE coaching from health coach Bess to encourage you in the detox process.

  • 24/7 Facebook Group Support - this is a separate, private forum where you can feel free to share.

What past participants experienced:



"I highly recommend the 28-day detox program! It challenged me to think about the way I viewed food and my eating habits from a Biblical perspective. It was an opportunity to slow down a little and evaluate the priorities in my life. I am so excited to team up with Coach Bess and the FRESH Start team in the next challenge!"

~ Sue Glashower

laura w.jpg

If you haven't done a 28 day detox I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. My 28 day challenge has completely changed me and my relationship with food. I have been able to overcome some lifelong addictions to food and I am so much healthier. Weeks after my challenge has ended I am still sticking with it and am sooo thankful for Bess and the FRESH start team!!!

~ Laura Williams


Ready to join us?

We begin January 14th!

Since you are a treasured FRESH Start Club member, your special rate is …

ONLY $57 if paid in full!

{Includes the group access, program packet with meal plans and instructions, LIVE kickoff webinar and MUCH MORE!}

If you need the 2-pay PLAN for this Detox, CLICK BELOW!

REMEMBER, your special rate is …

Pay 2 payments of $32!

(30 Days Apart)

IMPORTANT: If you have questions about the challenge before you purchase, do not hesitate to contact us!


WHat's Included with The FRESH Start 28-Day Detox?

Everything you need to ReFRESH your lifestyle!

  • Meal Planning Aids & Instructions - Personalize your own unique meal plan from a list of go-to recipes and meal ideas from Coach Bess' collection of successful client meal plans!

  • Always-Open Facebook Support Group - with Coach Bess and the other participants (there is power in accountability and encouragement!)

  • "Go-To" Meal Lists with Recipes for every meal of the day (all are clean-eating focused, designed to detox your body and bring feel-good, drop-the-weight results!)

  • 7-Day No-Deprivation Detox (Dr. Approved Food Detox!) - Complete with instructions, meal plan & shopping list. We'll be detoxing your diet, your emotions and your lifestyle together!

  • Kick-Off Webinar Recording & LiveCast Q & A with Coach Bess & your fellow challengers - discover all the benefits of taking this challenge, including exactly HOW it will work!

  • 2nd "Detox Prep" Call Recording This call recording will get you prepared for the full detox experience! The process, benefits and results you can expect from completing the detox faithfully.

  • Eat FRESH, Think FRESH & Move FRESH posts & videos in the group every few days for encouragement and coaching.

  • Warm and Helpful Support - Just like you've come to know and love from the FRESH Start Community!

  • More "Live FRESH" Tips & Resources (through Video & Posts!) to apply to your life to build on the valuable foundation of your HEALTHIEST lifestyle!

    Join Us! We begin January 14th - Grab Your Spot!

As a treasured FRESH Start Club member, your special rate is …

ONLY $57! 

{Includes the group access, program packet with meal plans and instructions, LIVE kickoff webinar and MUCH MORE!}

For a 2-pay PLAN for this Detox, CLICK BELOW!

REMEMBER, your special rate as a Club member is …

Pay 2 payments of $32!

(30 Days Apart)

{If you have more questions about the details of this challenge before you purchase, do not hesitate to contact us!}


The 28-Day Detox is a powerful Experience including:

Week 1 - We revisit the basic FRESH Start for Health principles to continue to Eat, Move & Think FRESH!

Week 2 - We prepare your body, mind and spirit with pre-detox action steps and establishing mindset!

Week 3 - We break the hold food and substances have had over our bodies and minds with the actual detox!  

Week 4 - We reintroduce foods & journal the successes you've gathered from the entire experience!


WHat makes this detox different?


You don’t have to purchase ANY extra products

outside from groceries for the meal plan at the normal grocery store (and even those are normal, easy-to-find ingredients and foods)… any suggestions in this detox for teas, essential oils, or other supplies are OPTIONAL ONLY!

We are focused on HOLISTIC DETOXING for your lifestyle…

…rather than focusing only on a fundamental short-term change, we are looking instead at creating healthy, balanced DAILY routines and establishing vital habits that will be a wonderful new part of your life from now on! We’ll teach you about get-going morning routines including refreshing foods and drinks to put a pep in your step, invigorating lunchtime routines that will help you energize through that mid-day slump, as well as calming bedtime routines including a luscious “detox bath” and meditation and journaling ideas!

it’s a Grace-based, non-fundamental plan…

…we are NOT fundamental or about rules, rules and more rules. We believe in having grace with yourself as you navigate your choices. This experience is actually about finding FRESH new ways to integrate healthy choices for a long-term healthy lifestyle, NOT JUST for this 28 day time frame!

We enjoy delicious foods, energizing drinks & habits that fuel both spirit and body!

NO starvation or super-strict guidelines here - you’ll get an easy-to-follow packet of instructions, including suggested meal plan(s), recipes, and “go-to”lists for power-foods and drinks to fuel your body, clear your mind and energize your spirit! You’ll be enjoying food and staying gently satisfied, all while you cleanse and detox your body - all of it!

Do you have any other questions about the details of this Detox Plan? We welcome your inquiries!


What Previous Participants Say:

Lisa Coniglio.jpg

“The 28-Day Detox was an awesome experience for me. The Biblical principles are so simple and sensible. The prayerful physical preparation for detox week made for a "desert" experience where I could honestly look at and assess my lifestyle with grace. It was a retreat experience without leaving my home. I am very grateful to Bess and all of the team at FRESH Start.”

~ Lisa Conliglio



Meet Coach Bess

Bess 1 Crop.jpg

Bess Blanco resides in sunny southern Arizona with the love of her life, Juan. For 22 years now they, along with their four kids, do life together … travel together, work together and dream together. In January of 2011, Bess founded FRESH Start for Health out of a passion to help families create a healthy lifestyle together.

She works daily to write, speak, and share the message of hope and healing all over the country. Families are changing their lifestyles, one small change at a time. They’re finding hope, freedom, and healing using the grace-based, practical approach she teaches through FRESH Start!